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Chris Weston is a hard-working professional illustrator who has enjoyed a twenty-three-year long career working in both the US and UK comics strip industries. He has worked on Batman, Fantastic four, Judge Dredd and The Invisibles; but he is probably best known for two creator-owned series, “The Filth” and “Ministry of Space”. His most recent work has been the Eisner-nominated series called “The Twelve” for Marvel comics. Chris Weston also wrote a prequel to “ The Twelve” subtitled “Spearhead” which won an AICN Comics award for “best one-shot”.

The Twelve

More recently, he has branched out successfully into Film Concept Art and Storyboarding, having worked with the director Albert Hughes on “The Book of Eli” and the live action adaptation of “Akira”. Aside from all that, he has also dabbled in toy design and doing illustrations for CD cases.

He is currently based in England, UK, but enjoys the opportunity to travel when his job allows.  Chris will be joining us at Zookastar in our comic and pop culture zone.

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