Tricky and our guest judges have made their selections for Hey Love!

A huge congratulations to the Winner Hugo Goudswaard (Netherlands) who receives $3,000, and the Runner Up killaura (Poland) who receives $1,000.

These two videos will also be screened at a special event during the Zookastar festival in London in 2014 with Tricky attending and announcing the winners and awarding the prizes (subject to touring schedule).   We will screen other entries, time permitting, this will be scheduled into the Zookastar programme.

The overall quality and creativity was simply outstanding! A huge thanks to all filmmakers who took part in this project, and Zookastar recommend Genero highly as a great portal for aspiring filmakers.

A special thanks to the finalist group, Genero and Genero Awards Nominees:  – Patrick.Juranyi (Austria) – cetre (USA) – Laura Sistero (Spain)  – Ewen Barraud (France) – Nominee – Javier Requena Suárez (Spain) – Julian Hernandez (Columbia) – Nominee – DNT (France) – 4Frame (Italy) – Pedro Azevedo (Portugal) – marmarcdeleeuw (Netherlands) – C.C.CAT (Poland) – Nominee – kacper (Poland) – Guy Julian Noumen (France) – Nominee – Mircea Ibadof (Romania) – jeffdowning (USA) – atomilov (Russia) – julian.noble (Mexico) – L’ACCIUGA (Italy) – Nicolas Martinie (France)

Some comments from our judges:

Carrie Sutton:

“Wow! Well I finally got to sit down long enough to go through a fair few of those. Most enjoyable. Much more interesting than judging standard music videos – can I say that and not get into trouble?? Just great to see things I hadn’t seen before – and with fewer constraints than the usual label commissions.

Hugo Goudswaard (Netherlands) –

I watched this first and it set an incredibly high bar.
Exceptional cinematography. Dark, bold and very accomplished.
Interesting to see Director was DOP. Very talented. I am off to look for more of his work.
Love that he managed to make a very gripping and stunningly beautiful piece usingonly a mollusc and a model. Kept it simple but developed the ideas.
And really matched the atmosphere of the track.
Delicious and outstanding.

Killaura (Poland) –

I fell in love with this one. I was waiting for someone to be bold and work with a bit of sound design – then along came killaura!
Mixing chickens and doorbells with Tricky – audacious.
I was concerned that the atmosphere of the film wouldn’t match the track – but I loved the dark twists and turns – the movement and the sensuality of the photography.
Bit more of a short film….but still worked really well with the music.
This one has really stuck in my head. A dark folk tale indeed.

Laura Sistero (Spain) –

Maybe I am just voting for people called Laura…not sure.
Liked this fractured story telling – retained a good sense of tension.
I enjoyed the way the director brought the lights from the fairground and
used them percussively in the edit.
Some strong moments visually and worked with the music.
I really wanted to watch to the end.

Julian Hernandez (Colombia)

This more graphic aesthetic isn’t normally my sort of thing. But I thought this was very well made. Well thought out. Bright and crisp look – unexpected – but still worked with the track I thought. Again – I sometimes find graphics in music videos really distracting – but I thought this was subtle and well balanced and drew me into the lyrics withoutimposing too much. I thought there was a confidence in the director being content with stillness sometimes – whereas many directors are tempted to pack images and movement in.
I enjoyed an approach that contrasted with many of the other films – so that made it stand out for me.”

Julia Frost:

“Killaura (Poland) –
Mental – great styling and art department like a bonkers fairy story.

jeffdowning (USA) –
Love the geeky perv. The video manages to be funny and dark at the same time. Adds a humorous and original twist to the idea of voyeurism which in the wrong hands is a very hackneyed subject.”

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