Roblox Arsenal Tips and Tricks - How to Win! -

Roblox Arsenal Tips and Tricks – How to Win!

If you are looking to increase your skill level at Roblox Arsenal, then I have a bunch of tips and tricks to improve yourself! I’ve played a lot of FPS games in the past, so I picked up Arsenal pretty quickly. However, if this is one of your first shooters, you may not be familiar with some of the fundamentals of survival and elimination! These strategies should allow you to increase your investments and maybe even win games!

Roblox Arsenal tips and tricks

Here is an overview of some tips and tricks that I use every time I play the game.


There are a lot of different rifles in this game and they can fire quite quickly. These are probably the easiest weapons to use because you can just hold the fire button down and aim it at someone and they should pull them out. Try to keep your target under control, as your crosshairs will jump a little while shooting.

Sniper rifle

Whatever has scope and loss of your reticle, we will call a sniper rifle at Arsenal. You pretty much want to try to stay away from the enemy and use the scope to hit him with your blows. However, you won’t always have that luxury, so if they’re close, don’t bother and just try to shoot them using the middle of your screen as a crosshair. This is something that you learn from experience, try to get an idea of ​​where you think your crosshair should be and pull based on that.

Explosive weapons

These are really fun and powerful at Arsenal. It’s stuff like rocket launchers and concussion rifles. One of the best things you can do with these is to jump and shoot the ground beneath you. This will propel you up and you can either shoot your enemy from the sky or land on a roof. Most players will not expect people to do this, so you can usually get easy eliminations this way. It may take a little practice, but try it next time and see what you can do!

Weapons launched

Things like pizza, baseballs, ninja stars, and all sorts of other weird weapons. The majority of these weapons are “projectiles”. It just means they don’t instantly get to their target and they will eventually lose speed and head towards the ground. So try to get closer to people when you’re using them, and if you’re far away, you have to aim higher for it to hit the target.

Use Melee more often

You want to make the most of the melee because if you can get a melee finish on someone, they go up one level and you level up! Try to use heights if possible and jump behind a player. If you can mix them in the back, it will be instant elimination. Avoid 1-on-1 melee combat as you don’t want to lose a level.

Run with your melee weapon outside

Many weapons make you run a little slower than normal, so to mitigate this, you should run with your melee weapon if there are no enemies nearby. It’s a bit dangerous, but if you’re aiming for wins, you have to get the eliminations as fast as you can, so you can’t walk slowly with a big gun. I try to take out my gun only when I think someone is going to come in a corner or that I will take a look in a corner.

Know the places of appearance

The real key to winning at Arsenal is knowing where each card appears. You will get them back in time, but you have to understand that there are only a certain amount of spots that people will generate. Enemy players will usually only spawn away from you and your teammates. So if your team has just eliminated a group of enemies, you can guarantee that they have appeared on the other side of the map. This means that you must withdraw your melee weapon and run as fast as possible on this side. If you know where a common spawn is, you can run around this area and most likely meet people for elimination.

Look at the names of teammates

Another way to find out if there is an enemy nearby is to look at the names of your teammate. You can see them through the walls if one of them disappears, you know they have been wiped out by an enemy, so you can expect someone there. This allows you to easily find people to kill! You can also use it to find out where the enemies are not! If you see a group of names of your teammates in an area, it probably means that there are no enemies at the moment as they will appear in the opposite area of ​​the map!

PC tips only

I play the Roblox game on a computer, so I have a few additional tips that will only be relevant for PC players.

How to aim better

One of the most important things that will help you aim better in shooting games is to reduce your mouse sensitivity. Most esports players play with low sensitivity, so you should lower your DPI settings on your mouse if you have this option. I run at 800 DPI as an example. I also have my camera sensitivity in Roblox particularly low, it is currently set to 0.20015 on my PC. You can play with your numbers and see what works for you. It will seem quite slow at first, but you will get used to it and it should increase your accuracy!

Use Q to go to melee

The Q key is one of the easiest keys to reach on your keyboard when playing a shooter. If you hit the Q, you immediately go to your melee, and if you touch it again, you return to your other weapon. The melee is much better than people think, so try to use it when you can.

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