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Just two mods for you in this video, but they are definately worth checking out. In the past, Nexus discussion on the project has been moderated due to Bethesda’s stance that exchanging assets between their titles is not a situation they can condone or legally support. So for the past three years, the Skywind developers have been working tirelessly to rectify this by creating brand-new mod…

  • Under the revised policies, the operators of a YouTube channel need to mark a child-oriented video as such; the marked videos are restricted from utilizing certain functions of YouTube, including on-screen interactivity.
  • I just tried it and it’s working for me on a desktop.
  • One shot during “Danger, Danger” apes the music video for “Seven Nation Army”.

Cloud Town is, as the name implies, a town that’s made entirely of clouds. Bing Bong pulled off a small portion of one of the house’s walls and the person living there berates Bing Bong for his actions. The wife of the same cloud person is reporting this to the police, who vanishes when Joy runs through her. Around lunchtime in this part of Imagination Land, there is lots of traffic. A fight nearly breaks out between the two parties as Randy and Two-Bit attempt to yell over one another, until Cherry chooses to go with them Joy Pony, saying that she hates fights.

Youngers6 A First Look At Younger Season 6

With pre-air reviews of new shows, returning favorites, and noteworthy finales, TV Reviews doesn’t replace TV Club—as usual, some shows will get the weekly treatment—but it adds a look at a bigger picture. “The Failure Song” is the first of two songs that appear in the Season 3 premiere, “The Crystal Empire – Part One.” Twilight is given a test from Princess Celestia, but it’s unlike anything she’s undertaken before. First, let’s clarify something here, this show isn’t about ponies anymore; they were thrown out of the window in the first few minutes. Thought Twilight largely disproves of this, Rarity secretly supported her daughter because Rarity was once in love with an earth pony herself.

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Begin describes the dragon designs used in the show as “traditional”, while finding that their “exaggerated noses and large heads resting on exceptionally skinny necks” is evocative of the show’s humor. – A unicorn baker who lives in a village founded by Starlight. She begins a romantic relationship with Big McIntosh and becomes Mrs. Cake’s part-time apprentice in Ponyville before marrying Big Mac in “The Big Mac Question”. Among various other actresses, they are voiced by Husain , St. Germain , and Ball in “Amending Fences”. – A kindhearted, enthusiastic unicorn stallion who serves as the current mayor. He cares deeply for all of his citizens and tries to nurture their talents whenever possible, always praising them even if they themselves might not care about their work.

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Hi, although my game is still in beta testing, it’s playable and fun . You can print the board and cards from the Google Docs below, and you will need to provide your own tokens . If you would like to have your art on cards in exchange for your contact info on the cards too, let me know, thanks. The pegasi are tasked with weather control to ensure that enough food gets harvested for all of the pony races of Equestria. They use Rainbow Color to control and stabilize the weather, but their task has become difficult due to relentless harsh weather caused by Discord, a powerful and dangerous dragon-like magician.

The biggest and richest collection of My Little Pony Games from all around the globe can be found here, so stay here. Uniqueness, simplicity and absolute fun are part of each game. Besides the flash version, Smart Pony and My Little Pony Solitaire can be downloaded for free.

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