How to transport bikes

How to transport bikes of different categories?

There is no longer any question of dirtying the car seats with the grease from an ATV. One of the easiest ways is to install a bike rack to safely transport your bike to your car. If you want to take bikes of different categories on the same support, there are a few practical methods you should apply.

Choose a car with a bucket

The cheapest and most reliable way to secure a bike is to put it on the bed of a truck or on the back of a vehicle with a bucket. If you have a pick-up without a cabin, you can transport your bike in the open space at the back. In this way, you will not have to disassemble, such as removing your wheels and pedals from the bikes. It is therefore essential to use flexible straps.

When using straps, fixing only the front of the bike may not be enough, as the rear may become dynamic when your car is on the move. It is therefore recommended to use an extra long strap to secure the rear of the bike to the saddle. If you are setting your bike down, make sure that the chain side is installed at the top so as not to bend the derailleur. The maximum capacity of a bucket varies depending on the size of your car and also of each bike.

With a pick-up without cabin, you can transport around 5 adult bikes at the same time. However, for those who do not want to worry too much, different models of bike carriers to transport your bikes are available on the market, only remains to choose one!

Choose a bike carrier

As mentioned above, the other option indicates that there are bicycle carriers for transporting your bikes outside your car: on the roof, on the tailgate or on the hitch ball. Most of these racks can accommodate bikes of different sizes and categories. For example, you can put a standard child’s bike and an electric bike on one stand. Only, it is important to correctly attach the safety straps for the stability of your bikes.

The roof rack

It’s one of the most popular bike racks for valet parking. There is a wide selection of roof racks on the market. When the front wheel is removed, some bike carriers come with an optional fork grip that can be locked to prevent theft. This is useful if you park often in an insecure area. Access to the trunk and inside your car is unhindered.

The best hitch bike racks

Among the bike carriers for transporting different types of bikes, there is this type of hitch bike carrier that hooks onto the hitch ball located at the back of a car. Most of the more popular models can carry 2 to 4 bikes at a time. When installing your bikes on this support, it is not necessary to disassemble the wheels.
Very practical, some hitch bike carriers have hinges that allow you to easily access the boot of your vehicle without removing the bikes.

Drop the bikes according to their size

Bike carrier to transport your bike – 2You must preserve the pedals, wheels, chains and all the accessories of your bikes. This is how you should organize the locations of bikes by size. Install large bikes first. Leave the children’s bikes in front. All of your bikes will be more stable because the smaller ones will serve as chocks for the older ones. However, care must be taken that the paints are not degraded. It is best to tie up straps and other key lock systems.

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