Stranded Deep: How To Cure The Poison – Tips & Tricks

In the Stranded Deep world game, we have many tasks to accomplish, one of them is How to cure poison. Do not worry! Here we are going to explain how to do it.

For the PS4 and Xbox One consoles, Stranded Deep has arrived, which via Steam has been contacted with early access for a long time, here we are, we will find ourselves immersed in a world full of creatures, each of which must be confronted to arrive to keep us in life. Some of these accounts with the ability to poison us, in case it becomes key, are separated by How to cure the poison, because it is possible that it will be something deadly for us.

In this Stranded Deep tips, it will be all details that will help us understand everything about it, let’s continue reading to get to the point where it gives us the answers.

What should you think of to cure the poison in Stranded Deep?

What is necessary to be able to cure this evil is the use of an antidote, capable of counteracting the effects of the poison, which is an artisanal object which can be obtained, at the beginning for a long time it is not possible to access the creation of the antidote, being necessary to wait until we reach level 3 of creation, so that this option is unlocked, which will lead us to have to increase our level at first, during the creating whips, stone tools and even simple objects.

We will gain experience that will lead us to the level increase, now for more details on How to cure poison, keep reading.

How to cure the poison in Stranded Deep?

The first thing is to reach level 3 of the craft, to reach it you have to find the ingredients that we will need for the creation of the antidote, the coconut bottle will be the first, that we will create at from a whip and a coconut.

In the case of eyelashes, we must use the fibrous leaves, hitting the yuccas and palm trees with a tool and a coconut, we get it. It is possible that by cutting down palm trees, pee plants are another ingredient that we need, to get it, it’s a bit complicated, in the field this is where they appear but not very regularly, it is a green plant, to which we must be vigilant if we want to heal ourselves, as we progress in the game, it is possible that we will find one or up to two pee farms, allowing us to make the antidote more easily, helping us to end the effects of the poison.

This way we finish our Stranded Deep guide, now you know how to cure the poison, make the most of it.

Platform (s): Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation 4 PS4, Xbox One

Developed by: Beam Team Games

Distributed by: Beam Team Games

Engine: Unity

Genero (s): Sandbox Adventure, Survival Construction

Play mode: single player

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