Hoverboard and tips to know

What is a hoverboard?

It’s the hottest mean of transport to travel right now. These models are tearing up lately! The hoverboard is a device that combines style, design, and high-tech to make it an electric machine appreciated by all. It’s a big fashion in the United States! Completely electric, it allows you to move effortlessly and without pollution. They are rechargeable via an electrical outlet and you can add to that simple use since there is only one button to turn on or off the hoverboard. You just have to keep your balance (which is not rocket science after a few tries). Indeed, the electric hoverboard works by weight transfer, that is to say, that by leaning forward you move forward, by forcing on one foot you turn, etc. (To learn more about its use, do not hesitate to read our section How does it work?). In addition, it has a battery and on/off indicator, for clear and simple use. In short, a technological revolution, so all you have to do is choose your own and enjoy!

What type of user are you?

Before buying a hoverboard, you must first ask yourself why you are going to use it. Is it fair for your daily trips around town, like going to work for example? Or for less stable terrain, like country roads, or even to have fun with your friends in a skate park? Because depending on your use there are more or less suitable models. Indeed, some hoverboards have only one operating mode, useful for daily trips in town or to go fast, while others have two modes of use, a freestyle mode, and a beginner mode.

Different modes

Beginner mode:

First, to activate it, simply turn on your hoverboard by pressing the “ON” button once. This mode is very good for starting to use the hoverboard or for going quickly in a straight line. The latter makes your hoverboard heavier, more stable and easier to control. This makes it perfect for beginners and learning to hold on to it or for racing. Indeed, it is better to prefer this mode if you do not want to fall when you advance at the maximum speed of your smartboard.

Freestyle mode (or sport mode):

To activate this mode, press the “ON” button twice (we hear a beep, which confirms that the hoverboard is in freestyle mode). Once activated, the hoverboard is much more adjustable and therefore more sensitive to the movements of your body. You can spin much easier and faster, but it also makes it harder to control. So avoid if you plan to go very fast with your machine, you could end up on the ground!

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This is also an important characteristic to take into account. The battery lasts on average 20km (around 2h30) for a classic adult model. You have to think about your destination and how long you are going to use it so that you do not have to worry about carrying your hoverboard. Because once the battery is empty, you will have to bring your hoverboard to a place to charge it, and they can weigh up to 15kg, which is not all light. However, the big advantage is that the battery takes only 2 hours to recharge.

Battery Type

Speaking of battery life, the type of battery is also essential. There are several types to operate this device. As you can see or read, some hoverboards caught fire due to a defective battery. Do not worry, your smartboard is not likely to catch fire, you should only avoid buying them from a questionable site, such as a Chinese site for example. But other trusted sites use Samsung batteries, which guarantees quality.

How much is a hoverboard?

The price, of course, depends on the model of the hoverboard. But for a classic model, you will find one of good quality between 300 and 500 dollars. If the price is lower (or even much higher), the quality will surely not be there.

What are the differences between an electric scooter and a hoverboard?

The main difference is the way to stand on a scooter compared to a hoverboard. Indeed, on an electric scooter, you have a handlebar that you hold, which allows you to head in the direction you want. In addition, a scooter is generally more practical for crossing obstacles that are encountered regularly, such as sidewalks or roadsides. The weight of scooters is generally higher because these devices have more metal. It is a foldable object and is perfect for use in the urban world.

Likewise, a scooter has better comfort and safety, because the user is holding onto a handlebar. Some models even have a saddle, which further enhances comfort for walking, whether in town or in the countryside. Note that as with hoverboards, there are many models of electric scooters that each offers their specifics.

As many newspapers like Le Monde attest, it is a mode of travel which is on the rise and which should continue to gain popularity over the years.

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