Get ready with tips for Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil Resistance

Get ready with these few tips for the release of Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil Resistance!

I give you his tips for surviving in Raccoon City by playing as Jill, a Survivor or a sadistic Mastermind. Resident Evil 3 is released on PS4 today, and it does not happen alone: ​​the impressive Nemesis who chases Jill through the city streets is there too, as well as the horror and survival game in 4 against 1, Resident Evil Resistance.

In this new adventure, four Survivors will have to thwart the plans of the sinister Mastermind, determined to prevent them from fleeing by giving them a whole series of frightening experiences. Resident Evil Resistance is included in Resident Evil 3, so you can enjoy two horrifying experiences.

You may have already discovered, on Tim’s blog, his very useful tips for Resident Evil Resistance which are aimed as much at Survivors as at Masterminds. Today we have produced a short guide to make your stay in Raccoon City in Resident Evil 3 a successful one.

The lights of the big city

Jill is going to spend some time on the streets of what was once his city, and luckily for you, a map of Raccoon City is available to help you find your way. Use it wisely, as it will tell you what you’ve missed in an area, and may even list locked doors.

Unconditional fans of the original game, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, may recognize stores like Eagle’s Pet Shop, while new places like Moon’s Donuts will be perfect for a break. Above all, keep your eyes wide open, and pay attention to the slightest noise. If you hear door sounds or distant grunts, it means there are likely to be enemies approaching, although zombies may be the least of your worries as you venture out into the streets and the Raccoon City buildings.

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A little cooking

You probably already know … green grass mixed with red grass is the recipe for iron health! Resident Evil 3 continues this long tradition: an easy way to restore your health gauge in no time. Red herbs are less common, but on their own, they are of no use. Make sure you always have green grass on you to mix it with the red and create very powerful healing potions!

In this regard, the possibility of mixing ammunition, present in the original game Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (and reintroduced last year in Resident Evil 2), is making a comeback. There are different types of gunpowder and each mixture will produce different types of ammunition. Create the one that will best suit your way of playing and what you will need for the upcoming events, but above all, organize yourself in advance! One vial of gunpowder alone is useless.

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Big, dark and deadly

If you’ve ever played Resident Evil 3’s Raccoon City demo (if you haven’t, go download it immediately!), You know that Nemesis is a titanic force you can’t ignore. He will not easily admit defeat, but you can knock him out … for a few moments. Then we let you choose your technique, but staying planted there probably isn’t a good idea. If you want to keep going, grab your strongest weapon and make sure you have the dodge (R1 when an attack hits you) to get out of there. Then prepare a counterattack by holding L2 to aim and slow things down a bit after a perfect dodge.

Dear Diary…

A simple tip: do not forget to save your game regularly via typewriters, especially if you have just done a super cool thing, for example, if you have just recovered lots of ammunition or brilliantly escape a horde of hungry monsters. You never know what might pop up around the next street, so don’t hesitate to block your progress. It’s free, so do it often!

Before you leave, how about discovering new tricks for Resident Evil Resistance? You’ll probably want to learn as much as possible during your early games, so here are two recommendations for Survivors and novice Masterminds:

Did you hear that?

Tim already talked about it in his article: voice communication can be very important to Survivors. Did you team up with a group of close friends or meet new friends while playing? The important thing is to stay respectful and support your comrades, and that’s what will help you win the game.

The flip side, however, is that skilled Masterminds can choose to use their own microphone to taunt Survivors and listen to their conversations, which adds a psychological dimension to the confrontation. A sufficiently gifted Mastermind will thus be able to listen and play with the nerves of the Survivors by carefully choosing the behavior to adopt in front of his laboratory rats … Sometimes silence is the most terrifying thing there is.

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Know your limits

Survivors and Masterminds have a variety of abilities at their disposal. Take the time to learn how to use each one over the course of the games. For Survivors, this means finding the best time to use their powerful Fever abilities. Tyrone’s rallying cry can reduce the damage when a Tyrant enters the scene, for example, while Rebecca’s rain of bullets is ideal for eliminating all enemies in the same room.

For their part, the Masterminds should keep an eye on their energy meter and the number of creatures they have placed. You may be tempted to fill an enemy room, but a well-placed grenade could ruin all your efforts in a matter of seconds. Keep energy under the elbow, and plan your shots as much as possible. Try to tire the Survivors and save time instead of attempting a direct attack.

That’s all for today! Now it’s up to you to brave the streets of Raccoon City in Resident Evil 3, available for PlayStation 4. And don’t forget, Resident Evil 3 includes the horror and survival game in 4 against 1 Resident Evil Resistance, so bring your friends online and try to escape by playing as Survivors, or become the Mastermind to thwart all their attempts. I find you in the game, behind the surveillance cameras of the Mastermind!

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