Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Bandai Namco once again succeeded with our friends across the Channel. Mr. Toriyama’s license is still popular and it is therefore no surprise that we find Dragon Ball Z Kakarot in first place in the ranking of the best sales in the United Kingdom.

He is in the lead of the usual Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and FIFA 20. Fans can rest assured, it smells very good for Goku and his gang. It remains to be seen what we will reveal the Japanese figures that will arrive midweek.

In Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, you will find yourself in the hands of Son Goku and his team. Going in search of your son kidnapped by what is left of the Sayens, you will have to train hard and face big dangers in a huge map full of various events. There are various possibilities to increase your power and outwit your opponents. Find in this guide how to get started on this epic adventure.

10 tips to get started Dragon Ball Z Kakarot


Before you are comfortable visiting the world of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, it is good to become familiar with your keys. There are a multitude of possibilities, whether on the map or in combat. Knowing that it is possible to fly with a double jump rather than taking a crazy height like a rocket, or even knowing its combos like the charge after a knock back, can save you a lot of time and survivability.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

We strongly recommend that you take a little time to familiarize yourself with your controller and the various basic but numerous functionalities, by taking a look at the small tutorials available in the System menu.


Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is an RPG, and in doing so, you will have to level up your characters to learn new skills that improve your effectiveness during confrontations. The different Z Orbs picked up around the world as battle or quest rewards represent your experience.

In addition, your community will boost your characters significantly if you are careful what you do with them. Finally, you can learn unique skills by training and battling ghostly characters from your past battles.


During your progress in the game, you will collect mussels Z Orbs of different colors. Know that each color is in specific places.

  • Blue Orbs are near water
  • Green Orbs are close to forests
  • Red Orbs are close to deserts

There are special colored orbs. These are generally more difficult to reach or better hidden. Temporal Orbs showing orbs for a limited time can regularly hide rare orbs. Use your Ki search to better locate these Orbs.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot


At any time during your exploration, you can open your map to get an overview of what you have discovered in the current area. Use it as much as possible to reach interesting places more effectively, such as fishing areas, monster nests or side quests.

Although the map is revealed as you explore it, you can buy maps from a seller under the name Guide to reveal certain points of interest that you are looking for or that you may have missed.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot


Although you can locate these points of interest on the map, be aware that you can also rely on the speech bubbles flying over the NPCs during your explorations. The white bubbles indicate concretely close materials, such as gold or bait, while the blue bubbles will provide clues to a mini-story that can lead to interesting treasures.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot


In order to better identify the important elements surrounding you, you can use the Ki search. Not only does it reveal nearby enemies and their power level, but it also provides you with a lot of information on the objects to be recovered and the Z Orbs.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot


Enemies encountered during exploration tend to respawn fairly quickly, allowing you, if you wish, to farm areas to increase your level and orbs. Know that the energy used for special attacks goes up between each fight, abuse the powers of your characters. If you are injured and your life is getting dangerously low, stop at a campfire to eat or rest.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot


Eating is very important. On the one hand, you will boost your characters with temporary increased statistics increasing your chances of success against tough enemies like bosses. In addition, some dishes increase your stats permanently. Look at the Status Improvement section of each dish to find out how you will be permanently boosted.

Although most cooks can prepare small dishes for you, few, like Chichi, can prepare complete, more powerful and more interesting dishes.


With each chapter of the main campaign, you will unlock new side stories. Keep in mind that some of these stories can only be done in the chapter where you are and that advancing through the story by zapping them could make you lose them permanently.

You can find the secondary stories in the story menu, as well as their location. The rewards are often very interesting, it would be a shame to miss them.


As mentioned above, your community will boost your team in a significant way. In order to increase the friendship of your companions, you can offer them gifts. Please note, these gifts have statistics and are not available to anyone if you want to optimize your friendship. Giving a gift that increases the Z Warriors community to someone in the kitchen will have little effect.

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