Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, when the renewal goes through a homecoming!
Reference of the 3D action game for more than fifteen years, Call of Duty inaugurates a graphic engine which sublimates as much the impressive and intense single-player campaign as the coop and multiplayer modes, always so effective. A new opus available for sale on PS4 and Xbox One today.

The name of the fourth installment of the saga, modeled on the current conflicts, could not be better chosen. Because it is a great homecoming that suits us the developers of Infinity Ward. But make no mistake, this new episode is innovative in almost every aspect of the game. Let’s say it immediately, a part of COD: Modern Warfare looks like a festival of slaps. Of those that would make us masochistic.

First slap: the visual

The first torgnole is brought to us by the new 3D engine. Completely remade, it offers a visual rendering of a great precision. Hard to say what impresses the most. Is it the sense of realism that emerges from it, and that gives the impression that we will find ourselves all sticky along these walls dripping with grime, or that we will inevitably get bored if we plunge against this sidewalk? Or the improbable accuracy of the visual effects and lights that make us curse these as well as the enemies they prevent us from seeing?

Unless it’s the animations, so precise that you’re surprised to physically play the shoulders and the head, as if it could help us to gain a few millimeters to see what’s happening right behind that wall? Or the impression of heaviness that one feels when trading his Desert Eagle against a sniper rifle?

Finally, it is probably a little all this, and even if we must recognize that the old engine began to blame his age, who could believe that the new would reach such a technological level!

Second slap: the story

The second trowel is the solo mode that distributes it. Yes, we had almost forgotten that before becoming this monster of the multiplayer arena that he is now, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was distinguished by the mastery of his solo campaign. This new album reminds us of it with a nasty intensity.

No question, obviously, to reveal the plot. Just know that it will send you barouder from Europe to the Middle East, in search of an extremely sophisticated chemical weapon that terrorists intend to exploit to cause the world to ignite.

Beware, when Infinity Ward claims to have delivered mature, raw and uncompromising content, that’s all but a marketing argument. In this reconstruction of current conflicts, physical violence is confused with a psychological tension that is sometimes difficult to sustain. Rarely the attribution of the code PEGI 18 was so justified, you are warned.

Third slap: a new game mode

Third slap to blush our noses, the Special Ops mode, a novelty of the saga, is so rich that it could have been a game in its own right. His particuliarity ? Provide a maximum of four players with the opportunity to work together to counter the plans of AI-managed terrorists in operations and special missions that take place after the end of the single-player campaign.

The operations consist of a succession of levels during which the players, having chosen their role (engineer, doctor, tank, reco, assault, demolition), must accomplish given objectives using their arsenal but also all the vehicles and heavy weapons that they find on the way. The infiltration and assault missions take place in smaller maps. All these operations can earn points that will be used to improve his weapons and equipment.

Gunsmith: your custom-made weapon

The Gunsmith mode, again a novelty, allows you to make exactly the weapon that matches your style of play. Dozens of combinations are possible, both for handguns and rifles. So many resources that you will quickly find indispensable as the AI ​​proves to be rebellious, not hesitating to call on helicopter reinforcements, or to change tactics totally to disorient you.

But in return, the good news is that you can use all the weapons unlocked and improved in cooperative mode Special ops, during your multiplayer games! And vice versa, of course.

A multiplayer always successful

Well, we will not do you the affront to present you in detail the multi mode of Modern Warfare. To summarize, it’s even better than the previous opus. The maps are huge, the largest ever modeled in the series and some are in complete darkness. Night vision goggles are essential, but beware of the infrared pointer of your viewfinder that reveals your presence as surely as if you were wearing a beacon. Of course, many vehicles are available and the destruction of these weapons superarmed still gives you valuable offensive bonuses.

Nothing really new then? But if, and it’s heavy! Gunfight mode pits two teams of two players against each other on tiny maps in six rounds during which they have only 40 seconds to eliminate opponents. Ultra nervous, very tactical, this new mode may well be a hit with the afficionados of punchy duels.


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