Best electric grill

Best electric grill: comparison, test, opinion and selection criteria

Barbecue is a popular cooking method in many countries. It allows you to experience the art of meals in a friendly and joyful atmosphere. For grill lovers, cooking outdoors is one of the best activities. In order to make barbecues in a festive atmosphere whatever the season or the place, the electric smokeless indoor grill is the device to own. This kitchen tool has several advantages. Find out everything you need to choose yours here.

What is an electric meat grill?
The electric barbecue is a device that allows you to make excellent grills. It is used by both professionals and individuals. Whether indoors or outdoors, this appliance is designed to promote good cooking of grilled food. You can easily install it in your garden, on a table or on your balcony for a quick grill. Taking up very little space, the electric meat grill is easy to use and store. It has a bin that collects grease and food debris to keep you and your room clean. It can have an indicator light, adjustment buttons, or automatic cooking programming depending on the food.

Why choose an electric grill?

The grill impresses with its practicality and the possibility of using it all year round. It allows you to make healthy preparations during which the smell of grilling does not mix with thick black smoke. It can be used in any well ventilated room with electric current. With an electric meat grill you no longer have to figure out how to store fuel. It also has a thermostats system that allows you to easily regulate the temperature of the heat. Just plug it in to use it. Apart from this effortless ignition, it heats up quickly and saves you time. You are safer because of the absence of flames. No need to handle it or watch the fire. In addition, the electric grill is light, mobile and remains very accessible to everyone in terms of price.

The different types of electric grills

Among the models available on the market are indoor and outdoor grills. The indoor grill is recommended if you want to barbecue at home or in a room with limited space. Also called a table grill, it can easily be placed on the kitchen counter or on a table. It is small, compact and therefore practical for quick preparations.

The outdoor grill, on the other hand, is much larger and requires more space. It is used in gardens or on the beach and generally has a support for easy installation. Unless this electric barbecue has a long power cord, an extension cord is required to use it. This type of grill has a larger cooking surface. Since it must be used outdoors, it has a cover that retains heat for better cooking.

How to choose the best electric grill?

Before buying a meat grill, you must first consider its potency. The higher it is, the better the performance of the device. In this regard, you can turn to grills under 1000W provided they have a thermostat and a cover. The ideal power varies from 1500 to 2000W and more.

The electric grill with plates suitable for all ingredients is a better choice. In these cases the plate is versatile and can offer several positions adapted to each food. A semi openwork or full plate is also recommended if you want to grill vegetables. Also, the plate coating should be made of heat resistant materials such as stainless steel or aluminum. Finally, the device should be easy to handle and clean. Removable accessories that can be washed in the dishwasher are an asset.

Electric meat grill: use and maintenance

If you are using your device for the first time, it is advisable to find the best place for it. It is best to place the electric grill near the nearest outlet before unrolling the power cord. The electric barbecue must then be heated to the maximum temperature. Once the indicator light is off, you can set the temperature suitable for cooking your food. With a brush, pass a little fat on the baking sheet. Wait until the grill is ready and unplug the appliance. After it has completely cooled, you can put it away. Please note that the device must not be moved once it has been switched on.

Caring for an electric grill is usually very easy since the app

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