What is Zookastar?

WHAT: The ultimate event for hardcore movie-lovers

WHEN: 2014

WHERE: London


The event

Love films with a passion? Then come to the first ever Zookastar. It’s a movie festival with a twist – combining a cultural celebration of all things celluloid with a memorabilia fair and a packed schedule of activities for all the family.

Come to Zookastar and immerse yourself in movie culture – there will be celebrations of classic horror and Bollywood movies, autograph-signing sessions, screenings of cult classics, workshops covering a diverse range of movie techniques like green-screen production, costume-making and prosthetics, Cosplay, the chance to make your own short and countless other attractions, across Zookastar’s seven zones.

The Zones!

Classic Horror

Zookastar’s Classic Horror zone, featuring a scary prosthetics and make-up exhibition and workshop, appearances from iconic horror actors and actresses, plus celebrations of some of the most terrifying movies ever.


A celebration of all things action-packed and adventurous, with a heavy emphasis on superheroes and saving the world. This where you’ll find the Stunt Academy, where you’ll be able to discover if you can cut the mustard as a stunt-person. Plus there will be presentations from the makers of and participants in some of the best-known action, adventure and sci-fi franchises, exhibitions of iconic props and artwork, celebrations of some huge DVD and Blu-ray releases and much, much more.

Costume and props

Head to the Costumes and Props Zone to learn how to make your own movie costumes, gawp at outfits you’ve seen in some of the best-known film franchises, find out about how mediaeval weaponry still holds sway in the movies and pick up priceless tips and knowledge from industry insiders.

Comics and Pop-Culture

Comics and the movies have long fed off each other, and the Comics and Pop-Culture Zone celebrates that relationship, with Manga/anime artists passing on their secrets through workshops, a showcase of up-and-coming talent, the chance to test your knowledge in quizzes, appearances from comic-book royalty and loads more.

Movie Production

Hang around in the Movie Production Zone and you might just develop the impetus to make your own movies. Thanks to green-screen and animation workshops and exhibits, a music video-making competition, a short film making competition and a celebration of the classic Super 8 format.

Toys and Robots

The Toys and Robots Zone will give you the perfect excuse to temporarily return to your childhood, with exhibitions of classic toys and props that have captured the imagination of various generations of youngsters, appearances from enthusiast clubs, a Retro Arcade Games area and a collectors’ fair.


Come and discover the magic of India’s unique and glorious film scene in the Bollywood Zone, where you’ll find screenings of cult Bollywood films, appearances by the top Bollywood talent, an exhibition of the art of Bollywood film posters and a relaxing lounge serving Indian food and drink.