Movie Memorabilia at Zookastar

Zookastar will boast a large area devoted to the sale of the world’s finest movie memorabilia – whatever your taste in celluloid, you’ll find a selection of irresistible collectibles.


We can’t all be in the movies, alas. But there’s one thing that allows us to bring the movies, in a concrete way, into our everyday lives: memorabilia. And wherever you look at Zookastar, you will find plenty of the world’s finest movie memorabilia.


Whether you’re interested in original or reproduction classic movie posters, artefacts signed by the biggest Hollywood stars, hard-to-find movie merchandising, film soundtrack CDs, toys like Light Sabres, Gizmo dolls or James Bond Aston Martins or even props from actual movies, the chances are that you’ll be able to find what you seek at Zookastar.


Every one of Zookastar’s Zones – Classic Horror, Action-Adventure, Costume and Props, Comics and Pop-Culture, Movie Production, Toys and Robots and Bollywood – will have its own area dedicated to memorabilia. So, even when the festival is over, you’ll be able to purchase permanent reminders of the magical experience you had at Battersea Power Station, while simultaneously celebrating your favourite movies.



Memorabilia & COMIC VILLAGE dealers: we want you!

If you’re interested in selling high-quality movie memorabilia at Zookastar, then you’re in the right place. To be considered for a slot at Zookastar, please fill in the form below or download the document below and email it to


Comic Village: -  Independent Creators and Small Press, please contact for more details.

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