Stunt Masterclasses coming to Zookastar…

June 21, 2013


Zookastar welcomes Andreas Petrides and the British Action Academy!

Andreas is one of the UK’s leading JISC Registered stunt performers, co-ordinators, fight arrangers and action directors. His extensive career spans over 23 years, having worked with some of the world’s leading directors and actors on over 500 productions worldwide. Andreas has worked on some of the industry biggest movie productions of recent years. Of considerable note include: four James Bond movies; Star Wars (The Phantom Menace), where he created all the light saber fights, was 2nd Unit Stunt Co-ordinator and stunt doubled Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan Kenobi. Together with a colleague, he designed and choreographed all the fights and battle sequences in Gladiator, trained Russell Crowe and stunt doubled Joaquin Phoenix as ‘Emperor Commodus’.  He continues to perform and co-ordinate in major films and TV shows.

He also currently enjoys the longest credit list of his profession within the UK.  Andreas was inducted into the Hollywood Stuntmen’s Hall of Fame, recognising his outstanding achievements in the stunt profession of motion pictures and television.

Stunt Masterclasses with the British Action Academy:

Andreas and the British Action Academy will be running exclusive workshops at Zookastar on 2nd November.  These workshops will teach the art of stunt screen combat with a variety of movie weapons.  The workshops are free to Zookastar visitors and need to be registered for in advance as they will be very popular.  Booking information coming shortly, watch this space…..


Andreas will also be conducting a seminar on 2nd November at Zookastar where he will divulge tips, advice and more about his work as an Action Director, Stunt Co-ordinator, Stuntman and Swordmaster.
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