Kids Stunt Academy confirmed for Zookastar

June 11, 2013

kids stunts

In association with Rc-Annie, we are proud to announce our Kids Stunt School.  Free for our younger visitors, Kids Stunt School is a hands on experience to learn some amazing tricks and techniques.  Reservation of places in advance is advisable, and will be made available via the website from June 24th.

Kids aged 7-11:
Want to grown up to be an action hero like Spiderman, Laura Croft, Jack Sparrow or Fa Mulan? Then this is your chance! Learn to fight like a pirate, superhero, cowboy, sci/fi heroine or action hero. Rc-Annie presents safe film fighting workshops where you can ‘have a go’, learning all the tricks of the trade to make your fights look bigger and better than the real thing! From magical superhero fights to pirate swashbuckling!

Teenagers aged12-16

Ever watched James Bond, Storm, Blade or Kim Possible in action and thought ‘I can do that!’ well now you can! In a variety of fun filled workshops with industry professionals learn to perform fictional film fights just like a Hollywood or Bollywood movie star. Discover a Spy’s deadly fight secrets and how to ‘cut someone down to size’ in an on screen sword fight!